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Bible Pictures

Before Moses

Creation of the world
The Garden of Eden
Cain and Abel
Noah building the Ark
Noah´s sacrifice of thanksgiving
The Tower of Babel
The Lord visits Abraham
Abraham with Isaac
God makes a covenant with Abraham
The burning of Sodom and Gomorrah
Jacob and Esau
Jacob´s Ladder
Joseph´s dream of the sheaves
Joseph interprets dreams in Egypt
Joseph sees his brothers again
A Silver Cup in a Sack
Joseph tests his brothers
Joseph forgives his brothers
The Children of Israel go down to Egypt
Joseph at the death of Jacob

In the desert

The little Moses in the ark of bulrushes
The burning bush
Moses and Aron for Farao
The ten plagues
Blood puts on the doors.
Crossing the Read Sea
Manna gathered
The Quail
Korah, Dathan and Abiram in the earth.
The Bronze Snake in the desert
Moses smite the rock
Take up a collection for Gods House
Tables of Law breaking to pieces
The Promised Land
Moses looks the promised land

Judges and kings

Walk trough the seaground
The Walls of Jericho collapsed
Joshua and Kaleb
Gideon and the 300 men
An Angel sows himself for Gideon
Samson brakes the temple
Burn incense on Mount Carmel
Ruth plead Noomi
Elisah wake up a dead boy
Samuel brings before the Temple
The Lord speaks to Samuel
Samuel prayer for Israel
The robed girl
David and Jonathan
Samuel Anoints David
David and Goliath
A mind of victory
David installed as King
Jonah takes another way
Balaam on the ass
Absalon hanging in at tree
Elisha in the chariot of fire
God provides for Eliah
Command to build the Temple
Solomon being wise and rich
The Queen of Sheba Visits the Temple
Reform of Josiah
Esther in the palace of the king
Queen Esther


Daniel and his thee frinds
Daniel's Frinds in the Fiery Furnace
Daniel in the lions den.

Birth of Jesus

The angel for Zechariah
Jesus´ birth
Angles for the sheephards
Jesus' birth
Jesus baptized
The Temptation in the desert

Teachings from Jesus

Jesus Teaches Nicodemus
Lilies of the field dont' works
The house on the rock
Jesus teach how to pray
Picking ears of corn
Knocks a locked door.
One of them thanked God
A cup of water
The lost Son comes home
Jesus taught from a boat.
One of the least of these
Weeds and wheat separatet
Jesus is the good shepherd.
Teach in the synagogue.
The Sower
The twelve sent forth
The Good Samaritan
A treasure hid in af field
The Parable of the Talents
The ten vergins
Give, and it shall be given unto you
The workers in the vineyard
The coin from widow
The good part of Mary

Jesus works

Jesus Changes Water to Wine
John the Babtist in prison
The healing at the Pool of Bethesda
The woman at the well
Heals a a lunatic boy.
Eating of five thousand
Let the little children come to me.
Few breath and fiches satisfy many
The woman of Canaan
Jesus heals a little girl
The son of widow waked up
The Transfiguration
Jesus visit a rich man
A paralyzed man trough the roof.
Lazarus resurrected
Jesus heals a blind
Walks on the Water
The storm subsided
Zacchaeus want to see Jesus
Judgement over Jerusalem


Jesus Anointed
The Triumphal Entry
The Lards Supper
Betrayal of Judah
Jesus wash his disciples’ feet
Jesus prayer in the Gethsemane
Jesus Arrested
Peter Disowns Jesus
Simon bear the cross
Mary Magdalene and Mary by the Tomb
Jesus resurrection
Thonas toutch by Jesus
Ascension of Christ


The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost
Peter heals the crippled
Peter tells his expierance
Peter welcomes a servant from Cornelius
Peter and John testify about Jesus
Peters talk
Peter releaset from prison
Gamaliel talks for the disciples
Philip and the Ethiopian
Philip went to Samaria
Saul blinded
The silversmith Demetrius
Parting in Ephesos
Paul heals
Death of Ananias
Paul make plans for his journey
Saul lowered in a basket
Ofring for Paul and Barnabas
Paul stand up oneself for Festus
Paul stand up oneself for Festus
The jailer plead Paul and Silas
Paul speaks in Athen
Heaten books burned in Ephesus
Saved in the cross of Christ
Stephan bear witness to Jesus
The seven helpers visits
Paul before Agrippa
Put the gifts for the apostles feet
Teaching in the Law
Peter’s Miraculous Escape From Prison
Paul arrasted
Paul shook of the snake
Paul in a shipwreck


Light in the world, in a stormy sea
Signs in sun, moon and stars
Jesus knocs on the door
The guaridan angel
To go in church
To teach prayer
Second coming
On the new earth