Vanskelige oversættelser

  • Historiske skildringer af syvendedags adventisternes udlandsmissioner, side 123
    "All the religion many have is to pick flaws."
  • The Signs of the Times 01-26-82 The Victory at Ebenezer
    Church-members expend their Lord's money in various forms of self-indulgence, and when means are needed to sustain the church, a fair, a theatrical entertainment, or a grand supper is given.

  • Advent Review and Sabbath Herald -DT- 12-26-99 -AT- Disease and Its Causes--Care of Children
    The mother places upon the little morsel of humanity the fashionable dresses which she had spent weeks in making, which are wholly unfit for its use, if health is to be regarded of any account.

  • {2SG 267.2}
    They are anxious to see the cause prosper, provided they can keep their riches, and make no sacrifice, only bestow a trifle now and then, which should cause them shame for its being so little, and so grudgingly bestowed.

  • -PC- RH -PT- Advent Review and Sabbath Herald -DT- 06-14-87 -AT- Importance of Training in the Work of God -PR- 07 -
    Let all who are commencing in the work decide that they will not rest short of becoming first class workers. In order to do this, their minds must not be allowed to drift with circumstances and to follow impulse, but they must be chained to the point, tasked to the utmost to comprehend the truth in all its bearings.

  • -PC- ST -PT- The Signs of the Times -DT- 06-16-90 -AT- Faith and Works -PR- 06
    Paul had fear and trembling in working out his salvation; and should not we fear lest a promise being left us, we should any of us seem to come short of it, and prove ourselves unworthy of eternal life?

  • {2SG 79.2}
    One man in his blind rage was cursing and swearing while we continued to to plead with God, that when his indignation should come upon the shelterless head of the poor sinner, we might be hid in the secret of his pavilion.

  • And to just that degree that the nervous system is excited by false stimulants, will be the prostration which will follow after the influence of the exciting cause has abated. {4aSG 128.2}

  • But what a farce is that education obtained in literary lines, if it must be stripped from the learner if he is counted worthy to enter upon that life which measures with the life of God, he himself saved as by fire. (Særlige vidnes om udd s 171)

  • Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. (Vidnesbyrd bind 6 s 159)

  • Here a plan quite common in Sweden, but new to us, was adopted to supply the lack of an organ. - (Skildringer af sda udenlandsmissioner s 194)