Now is the Earth 6029 years

About the Earth coming into existence, we knows that God has created it, in the first week. Actually we read in Gen 1:1 that »The Earth was without form, and void.« But in Exodus 20:11, we read: »For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is. « Therein we knows that the Earth were created in the week of Creation. Six days after the creation of the Earth, the man were created. This make way to count the years from then unto now, as the age of man is written exactly in the Bible chronology. In Gen chap 5 is the relatives of Adam enlisted, up to Noah, where the age of patriarchs for the first born is written. Are these generations added to each other, it is 4004 years unto year zero, the theoretic year for the birth of Christ. The birth of Christ should have taken place in year 4 before Christ. Year zero is also a year. When we count the years before Christ, the calculation is: 4004 + 1 + 2024 = 6029 year since the Earth where created. A very exactly number, thanks the Bible.

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