Letter to the Editor Concerning the Credibility of Evolution.

You will agree that the final point in the ad for a DVD series about the cause of life sounds impressive: ”Watch the marvellous story about nothing turning itself into everything”! It would be another fantastic story, should money in your bank account multiply itself without any previous deposit. At Trollhättan, Sweden, automobiles would be created, by tossing an ignited stick of dynamite into the SAAB factory there, etc.

In a flyer regarding science and evolution I read comments regarding the first beginnings of the universe: Without any assistance, nothing (from the DVD series above) compressed itself into a tiny, tiny dot. This dot then stretched or blew itself up, without the use of energy. Thus, it is assumed, helium and hydrogen came into being - emptiness had filled itself with something! It is presumed that the natural elements came into existence through even more explosions.

In the absence of the force of gravity (gravitation) the compression, however, would never have stopped. Then nothing would have fallen into itself for ever. And without gravitation the inflation would never have halted, either. This means everything would have been a vacuum and this letter to the editor would not have appeared.

The original bang - from the outset impossible in itself - would only have produced radiation, and that will not hand you a universe. Through creative activities, let it be noted, you make things, you do not destroy them. Thus, the Big Bang disqualifies itself. Swedes are not expected to think along these lines, but we cannot ignore the facts.

More from the flyer: Gases, like hydrogen and helium, never form chunks. In frictionless (= having no resistance) space, therefore, matter would have gone on spreading forever. Nonetheless, it is held that matter - without the aid of a plan or a Creator - aggregated into the universe. According to evolutionary thinking, the laws of nature would have been obliged to invent themselves. SAAB could, therefore, close its section for development, because new models design and produce themselves at the factories of the competitors?

Moreover, the universe is mathematically designed, most orderly, and fine-tuned. Without precise laws of nature from the outset, the planets would have raced about like headless chickens or crashed into each other! A “Big Bang” would, therefore, have rendered the exact orbits of the heavenly bodies impossible. An explosion brings about chaos, not order.

Our non-heavenly Father the Evolution, thus, made a grave mistake; He (She?) should, of course, have built energy into matter and already at the start have created cohesive matter, i.e. without any destructive explosions causing unnecessary work putting matter together into galaxies and life. The wild workings of chance ought to have acted like God in Genesis 1, by speaking forth planets and their living creatures plus necessary laws of nature. Since the Creator is not allowed in Sweden, we are indeed facing a scientific dilemma of giant proportions.

From the DVD, The Privileged Planet (and I did not only read its publicity materials) we learn, among other things, circa 20 prerequisites for life in space. Here are some of them: The planet in question must be localised within the Habitable Zone (if the Earth were closer to the Sun by 5%, it would be as hot as Venus; 20% further away and it would be as cold as Mars). It must circle the right type of star; be protected by gaseous giants; travel in a nigh on circular orbit around its sun; possess an atmosphere rich in oxygen; have the right mass; itself be circulated by a moon; be fitted with a magnetic field. Also required are flexible parts in its crust, streaming water, a correct correlation between oceans and continents, and a suitably quick planetary rotation. All conditions must be fulfilled simultaneously. For this to have happened spontaneously is mathematically impossible. In addition, small errors in the laws of physics - which are uniform throughout the cosmos - would prevent life. Finally, the beautiful, observable universe is easiest to behold and search into from precisely our pale, blue dot.

How did still creation come about? If you have solved this riddle - then write to this paper, sharing your insights!

Lennart Sundstad