And God created . . . .

Earth’s First Week
First Day
Second Day
Firmament and water separated
Third Day
Water and land separated. Herbs and fruit trees appear.
Fourth Day
Sun, moon and stars
Fifth Day
Animals for sea and air
Sixth Day
Animals of the field and creeping things –plus man
Seventh day
The Sabbath blessed and hallowed as day of rest
Genesis 1:3-5
Genesis 1:6-8
Genesis 1:9-13
Genesis 1:14-19
Genesis 1:20-23
Genesis 1:24-31
Genesis 2:2-4a

During the 6,017 years that have passed since then, the week has always been completed on the seventh day. We are not allowed to change this. Daniel 7:25.

The very precise number above is due to records in Genesis chapter 5, and other places in the Bible, which are for, among other things, calculating the age of mankind.

1.656 years later was the Flood, which covered the entire Earth. Thus major changes came about, determining much of the geology we know today. The Flood is described in Genesis 6-8.

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