To Believe in Creation

I think that many would be averse to the idea that every day, week, and year since creation can be calculated exactly.

There are many ways, in which to believe in God as Creator.

Traditionally, Adventists are fundamentalists. They view the account of creation as a historically accurate and reliable report, and not as a tale passed on from generation to generation, until finally written down.

If you intend to put forward the traditional position of the Adventists, you should, of course, launch your web site with the same fundamental point of view as is presented in, for instance, "The Icons of Evolution ". . . . .

However, why donít you also visit . . . . (your nearest Danish state church congregation). . . . and find out, how one of the priests there regards faith in God as Creator.

I am certain you will be presented with a different "interpretation" there, than the literal and fundamentalist treatment of the text about creation which is upheld by the Adventists, and which, according to their tradition, they are obliged to promote.

In 2006 86 % of Danes believed in the doctrine of evolution, whereas the outstanding 14 % included those subscribing to a literal and fundamentalist view of Genesis chapters 1-3.

Especially among members of the Danish state church who are of the Grundtvig persuasion, they keep knowledge and faith very much separated. They say that science gives the answer to HOW things are held together, whereas religion gives us a hint of WHY things are held together.

The discussion about evolution versus creation will, therefore, be perfectly pointless to this group of people. They are quite happy to lean on both Darwin and God at the same time without experiencing any conflict of interest. You simply put these two in their respective "room".

It is felt there is a necessity for this separation into "rooms" because men are too simple to gain an overview of the collected, integrated truth in this area. Thus rather in all humbleness arrange for the two rooms, letting God "carry" the aggregated truth in His overview in our behalf. We can certainly use this arrangement in our days, where the outlook on life, as we are aware, has been radically altered since the time, when the Bible was written.

I assume this also may be termed faith.

Very truly yours! Svend-Erik Pedersen

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